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Sunhouse - Constrution

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The Sunhouse-Construction,  of João VV Nunes, is a company, dedicated since 1988, to civil construction with emphasis on the housing area. Over these years we have looked to adapt to new ways of working, so that for each project we achieve more varied and better construction methods, allowing us to comply with the many and more demanding quality standards required nowadays.

In the last two years, with the acquisition of qualified staff, we ensure a high level of professionalism for the presentation of budgets, technical drawings and specifications as well as this being accompanied by good workmanship.

The motto of Sunhouse is “ To serve and to build”, meaning we do not only construct for construction´s sake, but that each work project is unique in its own way, each has its unique requirements, each demands specific approaches to the work. Our chief concern is for quality, timeliness, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Persistence is a commitment and it is reflected in our personalized approach to the work.

Our customer, during the work in progress will always have the right (and the obligation) to express his opinions and ideas.

On completion of construction, we want our customers to feel satisfied with the result.

Av. José Costa Mealha, nº131-A, R/c Dto, 8100-500 Loulé
Tel. 289 417 867   -   Fax. 289 417 869